Never A Joke Told

Michael Prince born and raised in Tifton, Georgia has been administering therapy lke no doctor ever could for seven years.  He has mastered the art of comedy.  his audiences always leave wiping tears and reciting the thoughts that he shared from his daily walks in life.  Prince states " People always walk up and ask me to tell them a joke, I tell them, I don't tell jokes.  All my material comes from things that happened in my life, with my kids, or someone I know.  Life without laughter is not good.   You should be able to find at least one thing in your life to laugh about.  comedians have been known for relieving stress, and cleansing the mind of ugly thoughts.  That alone, proves that comedy is truly the best source of entertainment yet."  I feel good when someone from my show walks up to me and say "boy you so crazy:, or "I loved the show", because that lets me know that I have done my job.

Michael recently moved from the Atlanta area to Dallas, Texas.  He performs regularly at the Addison Improv  when he is not on the road.  He has appeared on the nationally acclaimed BET's Comicview, and has toured with HBO's Def Comedy Jam.  He is scheduled to do more stand-up for Comicview.  His talent has also ganed him parts in the Oliver Stone film, "Any Given Sunday", on the big screen.  He is a man of vision, who did not forget to lend a hand to those looking to advance in the comedy business as well.  Michael has a production and entertainment company, "Big Nose Entertainment" for up and coming comedians who may need help with booking agents, contracts, and other pertinent aspects of the business.  Michael donates 10% of all his earnings to various charities, and churches in the community he is performing.  

This comedian is truly one to watch.  He is striving for perfection in stand-up and is destined for stardom on the big screen.  He has a part in a movie, "SILLY' due out this fall 2000.  Check it out!

Laughter is the fruit of the soul, and Mr. Prince and Big Nose Entertainment is a great attribute.

Michael's Motto

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